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Our Story

Carol Rice's passion for the Arabian horse has lasted a lifetime...

Zilal Al Hawah, meaning “Shadow of Love,” was the name Carol Rice bestowed upon her Arabian breeding program in honor of her beloved stallion, Zilal Al Hawah CR. Only the finest Straight Egyptian bloodlines are the cornerstones of this unique program with a focus on preserving the purity, type, athleticism, and ideal temperament that is associated with the true desert horse.

Carol Rice has always been an admirer of the regal Arabian, and since the birth of her foundation stallion in 2005, she has dedicated herself to producing exceptional Purebred and Straight Egyptian Arabian horses.

Every breeding decision is thoughtfully scrutinized to ensure that an optimal match is made. Carol has found great success in utilizing world-renowned sires, such as Anaza El Farid, Gazal Al Shaqab, Farid Nile Moon, and Imperial Madheen, who have given her program the foundations it needs to thrive and grow.

Today, Zilal Al Hawah Arabians is home to a fine collection of mares and stallions, each of whom are the embodiment of Carol's vision in his or her own unique way. The most important aspect of breeding is to simply enjoy the horses in their natural state, and this is something Carol does every day. In the face of challenges and improbabilities, as Carol likes to say...

“Attempt the Impossible!”

Pictured: Sareah Al Hawah CR, the captivating daughter of Zilal Al Hawah CR.
Photo by Suzanne.